ENERGY ECONOMY LAW (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz)

We support our clients in implementing and applying legal guidelines of the Energy Economy Law and associated regulations. This includes:

- aligning contracts with the minimum legal standards 
- regulations on the basic supply of end consumers 
- matters regarding the regulation and unbundling of substitute supply 
- approval process for grid fees and grid fee calculations
- special grid access types (atypical grid usage, unique grid usage, pancaking) 
- matters concerning local grids or site grids 
- the new access model in the gas sector


We draft and revise our clients' contracts or review external contracts. Careful structuring of contracts is a critical premise for avoiding disputes. At the same time, ineffective T&Cs can entail high economic risks - especially in energy law contracts.

Of course, we provide support for contract negotiations with potential partners. If necessary, we also provide assistance with out-of-court dispute settlements or with legal proceedings.

We have comprehensive experience with all contracts related to energy law (e.g., supply contracts, supplier framework contracts, grid usage contracts, grid connection and connection use contracts, franchising contracts, EFET contracts).


In cooperation with experienced tax advisers and auditors, we advise our clients with the objective of achieving successful implementation of unbundling requirements.


We support clients in applying the Renewable Energies Act (Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz, EEG) and the Combined Heat and Power Generation Act (Kraftwärmekopplungsgesetz, KWKG), such as establishing eligible installations or with respect to matters pertaining to connecting the installations or remuneration for the energy supplied.

We are experienced in all areas of renewable energies (hydropower, landfill gas, mine gas, biogas, biomass, geothermal energy, wind energy, solar energy).


During modernisation or renovation of energy plants, involving an investor (or contractor) presents an interesting opportunity to avoid capital costs incurred whilst generating savings potentials (through renovation). We support our clients in selecting the correct contracting model as well as in concluding the necessary contracting agreements. Our clients include contractors as well as customers.


In addition to power and gas, another area of our consulting services is matters concerning heat supply. We have comprehensive experience in local and remote heat supply, as well as contracting.


In view of the increasing burdens of taxes and levies, the significance of tax optimization is also rising in the energy sector. We also assist our clients in optimizing their energy law matters. Our goal is to ensure that our clients utilize all tax options they are entitled to (electricity tax, ecotax).


The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) and the regulatory authorities of the German states have been granted considerable authority. We support our clients in all points of contact with regulating authorities, such as in the event of network charge approvals, matters of network access or carrying out abuse proceedings.


We competently support our clients in contract or transaction negotiations.

Furthermore, mediation between contractual or business partners is also part of our remit. Our primary objective is ensuring our clients have the best overall economic result possible. In many cases, this can be achieved by out-of-court settlement.

It goes without saying that we also represent our clients in court to enforce their claims or defend unjustified claims.