Tax law

A|L|P generally provides tax advice in line with our integrated consultancy approach, since we are often asked to collaboratively resolve matters relating to corporate/business law and tax law. This covers the entire development of a business, from its structuring and foundation through operational monitoring and restructuring, right up to its sale or liquidation.

Our aim is always to provide not just technically correct solutions for our clients, but solutions that can above all be implemented in a practical manner, and which are tenable in the long-term. At the same time, the ever-changing nature of tax law requires that changes in the law and operational adjustments are examined in advance for relevant consequences. This sustainable type of consultation simplifies the day-to-day running of a business in the long-term.

Many of our clients are family businesses and their owners. Our strength lies in providing them with advice. This advice usually extends far beyond purely technical problem solving, and incorporates both entrepreneurial and human matters, i.a. especially prospective solutions in particular when settling corporate successions. Especially succession advisory cannot be successful without open communication between client and advisor. First listening and posing targeted questions enables us to jointly with the clients develop an understanding of their interests and aims, and thereby find a solution that also takes into consideration the personal environment.

Indeed, how to optimise a company’s tax load is part of the solution that we develop, but it is never the main objective. Economically-sound and harmonious deliberations should take centre stage.

Alongside the formative tax advice that we provide, another of our key activities is providing protection against unjustified claims on the part of the tax authorities. As part of this, we in particular handle tax audits up to conducting legal proceedings in tax courts, as well as the respective preliminary proceedings. We also have extensive experience in dealing with matters of fiscal offences. In many cases we are able to reach a viable agreement with the tax authorities before such proceedings are launched.

We possess particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Company tax law
  • International tax law
  • Corporate and real estate transactions, including real estate transfer tax issues
  • Restructuring and reorganisation tax law
  • Inheritance and gift tax law
  • Assets and foundations
  • Fiscal offences