A│L│P - Law firm for legal business consultancy


A│L│P is a team of specialised and experienced solicitors and specialist solicitors, as well as accountants and consultants in international tax law, with outstanding legal qualifications and a thorough understanding of economics and business. We have specific knowledge in a variety of areas and competently advise our clients where business meets law. Our focus is on providing detailed, integrated advice to advising mid-size and family businesses, which we support in the long term. We see ourselves as our clients’ independent, external legal department, while also being able to assist with matters relating to tax law.

Our expertise covers all crucial areas of private commercial law. We also cooperate regularly with external tax advisers, auditors, business consultants and notaries, so that in any given situation we are able to offer a comprehensive package.

The international orientation of the law firm requires collaboration with competent partners abroad.  A│L│P has a reliable, international network of outstanding solicitors, and is a member of LAW EUROPE INTERNATIONAL (for details visit www.laweurope-international.com).

We use our established contacts and cooperations to develop custom solutions with personal commitment to our clients. Individual consultation and personal contact are our concern and duty. We consider open and constructive dialogue an essential prerequisite for a trusting and reliable collaboration.

A│L│P is also a member of the

  • German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the
  • German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the
  • Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Federal Republic of Germany.